Golden Brown Signature Blend

How do you make your coffee?: Espresso

How do you make your coffee?

Whole Beans/ground: Whole Beans

Whole Beans/ground

How much: 12oz - $18

How much

Flavour Profile

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Honey
Bright & Fruity Dark & Chocolatey

Roasted to taste better on home coffee machines! If you've ever thought that your coffee was watery or lacked body, then you have to give our Signature Blend a try. Its rich, dark, & chocolaty flavour means it's great black and pairs perfectly with milk. Designed for home coffee machines & apparatus', this coffee is simply easy to use. This golden nugget works perfectly with alt milks also.


We have tasted hundreds of coffee’s to find the perfect tasting notes.

We wanted to create something that was reminiscent of classic italian style espresso, but still had the nuance and depth of specialty coffee. We found ourselves looking to Brazil to find that perfect balance or chocolate, nuts and sweetness. 


Have you ever found beans that are hard to grind

Even on your grinders finest setting? To make sure that our beans were easy to gind on a home grinder, we picked coffee’s that were grown at an altitude level that harvested a medium density of bean. This means that they are easy to grind, and create a more uniform grind which leads to a better extraction. 


Nobody wants a watery or sour cup of coffee.

That’s why we developed our beans in the roast a little bit further. Not so much that it tastes bitter, but enough so that you get a full rich flavour, and beautiful crema. It’s easy to extract more flavour from our beans, and it’s harder to mess up. Even if you aren’t 100% dialed in, our coffee tahsstes great.