Lamington Latte Recipe

I wanted to transport people back to their childhood with the power of taste. Using Milklab’s new Oat Milk, I have created an iconically Australian coffee that will surely drum up a bit of nostalgia for the classic pillowy Lamington.



350 millilitres of Milkab Oat Milk, Chocolate Sauce, Raspberry Jam Sauce, Shredded Coconut, 30 millilitres of Espresso, Chocolate powder

1. Generously rim the top of your glass with thick chocolate sauce. On a plate, spread your shredded coconut and then dip the top of your glass, coating the chocolate in coconut.
2. Take your raspberry jam sauce and drizzle it on the inside of your glass in a circular motion so it runs down the side.
3. Place a shot of espresso in your glass.
4. Add 2 tbsp of chocolate sauce to your Milklab Oat milk, and steam the milk until it reaches your preferred temperature. You can also heat your oat milk over the stove.
5. Fill up your glass with the chocolatey oat milk, and finish it off with a dusting of chocolate powder.

Lamington Latte Video


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