Golden Brewers 4 Pack Combo

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“You can have it all!"

We've curated a trio of coffees to provide the perfect balance of flavours. The pack contains 500g of our Signature blend, which is a great way to start your day. Then we add our new Sun Dancer blend, which is lighter, brighter, and fruitier. A fantastic complement to our Signature blend. We round out this package with our Signature Filter blend, which is ideal for when you want to go slow and take your time brewing with your favourite apparatus. 

Golden Brown Signature Blend

Roasted to taste better on home coffee machines! If you've ever thought that your coffee was watery or lacked body, then you have to give our Signature Blend a try.

Its rich, dark, & chocolaty flavour means it's great black and pairs perfectly with milk. Designed for home coffee machines & apparatus', this coffee is simply easy to use. This golden nugget works perfectly with alt milks also.

Blend: 100% Brazil
Origin: Nascer Do Sol
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut and Honey

Sun Dancer Espresso Blend

This blend is something you're more likely to encounter at your boutique speciality coffee shop. Utilising the best parts of both natural and washed coffee, we have blended two coffees from Guatemala to deliver you a sweet full bodied coffee with a delicious berry note.  This blend shines when served black presenting a floral scent and a delicious berry flavour. Served with milk it harmonises to create a sweet praline and subtle berry combination. 

Blend consisting of:

  • 50% GUATEMALA Marlon Del Valle, Washed
  • 50%   GUATEMALA Marlon Del Valle, Natural

Tasting Notes: Bright berry, sweet almond, cocoa 


Golden Brown Signature Filter Blend

If you've ever thought that your coffee lacked body, then you have to give our Filter Blend a try.

Its rich and sweet flavour means it's great to enjoy when you're sharing with others or when you're brewing alone. Designed for home filter brewing machines & apparatus', this coffee is simply easy to use. 

Blend: 100% Brazil
Origin: Nascer Do Sol
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Summer Fruits and Brown Sugar

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