Decaf, Colombia Popayan

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"Full-bodied flavour without the caffeine"

Our Popayan Sugarcane Decaf is sourced from a cooperative of farms in Colombia, one of the world's top growing regions.

This is a true speciality lot, and it's so good you won't believe it's decaf. Excellent for a soothing, relaxing brew.


  • 100% COLOMBIA Popayan, Sugarcane decaf

Tasting Notes: Sweet Pears, Milk Chocolate, Honey, Low acidity


The green coffee is picked and sorted before being sent to the DESAFECOL plant to be decaffeinated. To remove the caffeine, a natural ethyl acetate made from local sugar cane and spring water is used.

When compared to other decafinating methods, decaffeinating in Colombia keeps added value in their economy and reduces the food miles (and emissions!) it takes to get the beans into your hands.

While the process produces ethyl acetate, it is 20 times less than that found in ripe bananas. During the roasting process, any residue evaporates.

This method extracts caffeine without causing damage to the cell wall. Keeping the cells intact allows the coffee to roast more evenly than other methods. More information on the decafinating process.


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